Here's some Frequently Asked Questions we get:

How do you officially decide that a property is 'green'?

Check out our 18 Guidelines We Use When 'Greening' A Property

What are these LEED properties you service?

Our company has been supplying LEED properties in New York City over the last 12 years, the first being The Solaire in Battery Park City. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

We also operate under the Green Seal, which you can learn more about here.

What is this 'microfiber technology' that you use?

It's been said that microfiber technology is arguably the most significant product innovation to the cleaning industry in the last century. Here's why.

What's your overall philosophy about Green Cleaning products?

Here's Your 19 Page Complete Green Cleaning Guide For Healthier Residential Living.

Do you have a glossary or reference guide for all the vocabulary terms for your Green Cleaning Products?

Yes, check out our Green Cleaning Vocabulary Guide here.

What's your opinion on air quality in my house & business?

Check out standards & guidelines in our Indoor Air Quality Report.

What is HEPA Filtration?

Here's our HEPA Filtration Breakdown Guide.

Give it to me straight: Why Green & Why Now?

Here's our guide that explains the importance & urgency behind green cleaning products.