How We Can Help You:

Green Residential Cleaning provides you with the healthiest, safest and most environmentally responsible, bio-based cleaning alternatives available anywhere. Period.

For every cleaning task at your home or office, there is an Environmentally Preferable Alternative that can substantially improve how you, your family and employees feel and perform.

We don't take your health for granted.

Who Uses Us?

The Solaire (the first Green Residential Tower in the United States)

The Vanguard Chelsea

The Verdesian

The Larstrand

The Helena

The Pyramid

50 West Street

43-25 Hayden

The Visionaire

...and over 200 NYC Residential Towers use our environmentally preferable products every day. Why?

They have extremely high standards of performance, and their level of toxicity allowance is nearly zero.

Staff (The People Behind The Logo)

Dino Leva, Principal

Michael Dippolito, Vice President of Sales

Michael Bertone, Account Representative

John Leva, Account Representative

Kasseme Hiland, Account Representative